Evello International

All-In-One Ultrasonic Botanical Oil Extraction & Processing System

Extract Every Drop of Profitability

Advanced Technology to Extract More Opportunities

In the world of botanical oil production, there is only one formula for reliable, consistent success – quality extraction, efficient processing, and value-driven operation. These are also the same standards that set Evello® International apart from all other equipment and service providers in the industry.

Innovating Botanical Extraction
for the Better

Our dedication to innovation has led to the development of some of the most advanced extraction technologies available – with professional-grade, end-to-end systems that are designed to maximize results while also simplifying the daily operation of botanical extraction and processing. With Evello® on your side, state-of-the-art equipment is just the beginning. Your operation can also benefit from industry-leading support for everything from software, to sales strategy, to customizable production benchmarks, and more. Evello® offers the purchase of selective equipment suitable for small to midsize operations as well as opportunities to enter into technology licensing agreements for large scale toll processing operations.

What is ultrasonic cellular disruption?

Our proprietary ultrasound-assisted extraction process breaks down the biological cell walls, then diffuses the solvent through the cellular disruption to facilitate the release of the oil contents. This unique process improves the extraction rate leading to higher yields with reduced processing time.

Evello® oil extraction equipment is flexible and scalable

Designed to fit any size operation, Evello® extraction units process botanical oils to serve a variety of different purposes.
Whether you’re in sourcing, direct-to-market sales, or anywhere in between, there is an Evello® innovation waiting to take your botanical oil extraction business further.

All Evello® products provide clean, efficient extraction

The electric-powered Evello® system utilizes an in-line configuration that keeps extraction processes self contained from beginning to end.

250 L

Length – 40 feet

Capacity – 250 Liters

Run Time (approx) – 4 hours

1000 L

Length – 115 feet

Capacity – 1,000 Liters

Run Time (approx) – 4 hours

3000 L

Length – 187 feet

Capacity – 3,000 Liters

Run Time (approx) – 4 hours