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Pre-sale Questions / FAQ

Evello’s cellular disruptor technology and complete turnkey processing uses food-grade solvents and very low operating pressure. Combined with the ability to take crops right from the field (wet extractions) and production rates that are scalable, this makes for a more cost-effective and safer work environment and a pure end product.

Consumers are becoming more conscious of how products are prepared and what is in them. So, being able to provide high levels of purity can translate to a competitive and profitable advantage.

In today’s marketplace there are many options to choose from, which may make it difficult to fully understand the different technologies and capabilities across brands and manufacturers.

Evello systems are scalable as opposed to one-size-fits-all solutions. Additionally, all Evello equipment is optimized to meet standards common in commercial operations, ensuring high efficiency rates across our entire product range.

There are many claims about efficiency throughout the industry however very few actually are able to back it up. The efficiency of any process can be impacted by a number of variables including but not limited to natural variations in starting material, flow rate, solvent type and concentration, temperature, pressure, and time. 

 To find out which system is the best fit for your operation, please consult one of our knowledgeable sales team experts here.

Evello’s closed loop systems seamlessly integrate the various integral processes into one processing flow, providing a clean and efficient way to extract high quality botanical oils. Through a series of several steps, Evello’s systems are designed to ensure efficient output, purity, and reliable, reproducible results.

Included in the cost of each system is a crude oil extraction unit, an ultrasonic cellular disruption device, a condenser, a cooler and oil-water separator, a chlorophyll and particulates filtration system, a sedimentation (winterization) tank, a wiped film evaporator unit, a short path distillation unit, a variety of spare parts, telephone support, a one-year warranty, and certification, as required.

Evello International knows the importance of customization and understands that each individual organization has their own specific needs. With that in mind, Evello can work together with members of your team to build a system that meets your specifications and requirements.

Evello extraction and processing systems are semi-automated by default, but can be fully automated at an additional cost. Both options provide user-friendly interfaces that require fairly minimal training. This makes it much easier for clients looking to replace their current process or extraction system with Evello’s. Automation of our technology ensures consistency and seamless operation for the technicians operating the equipment.

Yes, we provide monitoring for temperature, pressure, flow rate, and other metrics as an optional feature, available upon customer request for any Evello extraction unit. This option features tracking software for advanced monitoring, allowing production teams to make adjustments accordingly.

Our systems are designed to run continuously for years with minimal maintenance. However, to keep your system running consistently at optimal levels, ongoing maintenance and regular cleaning of your extraction system is critical for optimal performance. Proper cleaning will minimize the occurrence of many common problems including clogged lines/valves, poor separation and low yield. If you use the same extractor to run multiple strains (e.g., high CBD strains and high THC strains), it is best to thoroughly clean in between extraction runs to minimize cross-contamination.

For those organizations with strict requirements, a system flush is recommended with food-grade alcohol. Ongoing maintenance and cleaning protocols will be provided during training.

When you purchase an Evello extraction and processing system, we offer hands-on training at our facility and/or a technician from Evello International can provide training on-site for an additional fee.

Evello’s systems use very low pressure and have built-in safety features. The user interface has been programmed to control the pressure and temperature throughout the entire process to prevent damage to the equipment and protect the operating personnel from getting harmed.

Wet or dry – either will work. The raw material needs to ground to under 1-inch pieces; no need to pack it in the extraction vessel. Please consult your Evello rep for further details.

We recommend using food grade solvents. We prefer food-grade alcohol because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classifies ethanol as a Class 3 solvent with low risk for acute or chronic toxicity in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes where the residual is less than 5,000 ppm or 0.5 percent. Evello equipment should not be used with hydrocarbon solvents as they are not considered safe for human consumption in any form under FDA and USDA standards.

If you’d like to learn more about hydrocarbon toxicity and similar risks, additional information can be found at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK499883/

For a complete list of Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) compounds and regulations for food and ingredients packaging, please review:

Evello systems are designed to remove solvents without the use of chemicals with our proprietary in-line process. Solvents are gently removed from extracts using heat combined with reduced pressure. This can be done because solvents have a much-lower boiling point than extracts. Therefore, when heat and vacuum is applied to the extract-infused solvent, the solvent begins to vaporize and rise out of the extract, which allows for the recovery and reuse of the solvent.

It varies depending on the size of unit, your location, and whether any renovations or improvements must be made to your intended facility in order to accommodate safety and optimum operational guidelines. At minimum, facilities need access to water, adequate draining, and meet power/electrical requirements. These specifications can be found in the technical documentation provided by Evello.

Your Evello Sales Representative can answer any additional questions. Please contact us here.

Evello works with various third-party leasing and equipment finance companies with varying rates. Lease terms typically require a downpayment of 20-35% and the rate will vary depending on your qualifications and the credit worthiness of your business.

Our showroom and main sales headquarters for Evello International is located in Vero Beach, Florida, United States. However, as this is also a production facility, an appointment is required. Please click here to schedule an appointment.