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Botanical extraction is an exacting science. It can take years to fully understand the many molecular processes at work that separate botanical extracts from plant material used in industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. That is why Evello® has committed itself to being your knowledgeable experienced partner for equipment, technical expertise, and market insight.

In order to help our clients get the most from our equipment and our own years of experience in the industry, we offer:

Licensing Programs


Evello’s Licensing programs offer greater opportunities for success and are designed to be easily implemented into your current business process.

Because all of Evello’s extraction systems are offered exclusively via licensing, you have more leverage over budgets and are able to mitigate some risks associated with extracting and processing botanical oils.

As well, licensing also includes the benefit of Evello’s® established protocols and resources. Our licensees enjoy ongoing product support, software updates, hardware improvements, maintenance, business planning and end-user sales support.


Extracting botanical oils from biomass is only one side of a successful business. The other side requires making accurate cost calculations, making financial projections, evaluating markets and competitors, maintaining proper certifications (local, state, national), and staying up to date with regulatory matters.

Evello’s® consulting division will work side-by-side with your teams to consider all of these factors and others like them so that your output is fairly and competitively priced, and that you are able to deliver the consistent results necessary for repeat, ongoing business. Under our guidance, your teams will learn the many facets of the industry without being subject to trial and error as they would with comparable equipment manufacturers who do not provide any after-sales support.

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Evello® wants your business to succeed from the start – and we want to be the reason it does so. That is why we include comprehensive professional training with all of our extraction systems. Whether it’s demonstrating how to get started with a new batch of biomass, or learning how to fine-tune purity levels, Evello’s® technicians can take your staff through the entire extraction process, step by step, ensuring superior results – and superior safety – in all day-to-day operations.

Supply Chain Management Software Solutions

The supply chain management software included with the Evello’s Extraction systems, which are powered by KLER, provides accountability and visibility into your processing operation.

  • An integrated solution built specifically for botanical oil production, this custom-designed platform is purpose-built for the demands of the industry. This results in unparalleled operational visibility, inventory tracking, end-to-end supply chain management, and simplified compliance. 
  • Software solutions to fit every company size with unique modules that allow our software to scale with your business.
  • Designed specifically to address the unique challenges of botanical oil extraction with advanced efficiency for managing extraction operations. Batch management, toll processing, inventory tracking, and other features in this best-in-class software save your business time and money by automating tasks, streamlining processes, and improving.
  • Automated workflows and streamlined processes for cumbersome tasks and documentation.
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As part of our commitment to innovation, Evello® constantly strives to improve the performance of its equipment and your business. It’s the key reason why all of our extraction systems are offered through licensing, so that each and every technological advancement can be yours at minimal expense, without having to reinvest in new equipment releases as required by other manufacturers. Whether it’s a hardware adjustment, software update, troubleshooting, or a technical service call to one of our maintenance experts, our licensing agreements make maintenance a worry-free part of your enterprise.

Through our licensing arrangement, we also offer the same promise of continued support on an as-needed basis. Simply tell us the nature of your maintenance needs and we’ll either direct your personnel in the proper procedures or make a service call ourselves to keep your operation running smoothly.